Monday, November 23, 2015

Official Announcement

For those that missed our announcement, here is a video blog announcement:

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  1. Hey Lindsay,

    Congratulations on the new roll-out and on-line venture. I hope it is hugely successful.

    I've had quite a number of prior customers who I had the pleasure of serving when I volunteered at the Plus Size underground location ask me if and when they will be able to once again swap at Plus. As you know, many of us are on fabulous and exciting weight loss journeys and have lost a lot of weight, yet still have not gotten to that sweet spot of being able to fit into the sizes carried at the Johnson Street location. Indeed, we can go to GoodWill or Savers or Agrace....but it still can be expensive, especially when your size changes every other month or so.

    Can you share what your plans are for Plus? Is it still available for appointments and/or private parties? Sights set on a brick and mortar soon? I've been waiting with baited breath, knowing a new announcement was forthcoming and while I am definitely excited about the online venture, I am also are eagerly awaiting news as to when and if Plus will be available.

    Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your customers, community, and our planet!