Monday, December 7, 2015

The future of Upshift

We are at a pivotal point for Upshift's future and we are moving forward due to some amazing investors that fulfilled our crowdfunding goal.  The future holds a ton of amazing advancements that will help get our mission of sustainability out to the public in all 50 states through our online store at  I can only begin to say how thankful we are to the people that came forward, it's a reminder to Dustin and I that we are surrounded by amazing people both near and far.

After conceiving the idea of our online swap concept in March we debated for quite some time if we should do crowd funding and what platform to choose.  In the end we knew we needed to do the crowd funding because we have financed Upshift solely on our own since 2009 and asking others to invest through Kickstarter made sense to us.  He and I take pride in the fact that, despite being turned down by multiple financial institutions, we believed in our mission so much so that we have worked multiple jobs at one time to make Upshift a reality.  When we decided to open our online store we knew that involving our family, friends, and customers was and is a way to secure the future of Upshift without going through a bank or government funding.  Each person that came forward to contribute on Kickstarter gave individual amounts that fulfilled out $4000 goal.  Each person that contibuted is responsible for Upshift's success.

There are hardly words that I can find to say how thankful we are for the confidence each contributor has in Upshift's future.  Saying we are thankful, blessed, and humbled is a start but know that with every success we experience in the future I will be sending out good vibes to all that helped us reach our goal!

Lindsay and Dustin

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