Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grand Reopening

We have new windows!  We are celebrating with our new digs by hosting a GRAND REOPENING on June 23rd from 4-8pm.  Mimosas and wine along with swag bags.

Join us and help celebrate!  $20 swap fee to get an all new wardrobe and party on down!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Keep it Local, Keep it Simple

 Shop local.  Everyone everywhere touts this concept, but what does shopping local look like in action?  It can take many shapes and forms when exercised, and the impact can go a long way.  Shopping local at independent businesses keeps communities alive and thriving all while you’re also saving your sanity by not shopping in a hectic, big box environment.  Shopping local is straight forward and simple while supporting the whole well being of communities both large and small. 
Shopping local creates a lasting impact on communities while supporting small businesses, usually owned by local residents, which in turn employs other community residents guaranteeing that local dollars stay within your city or town.  Most statistics agree that shopping local generates an 80% return of revenue back in to the community. Keeping revenue local is especially important during hard times such as the all too recent recession, during slower months or even during time of road construction.  All these variables can be devastating to the small, independent business which affects the local economy and community.  Spending dollars on a local level can alter the well being of small businesses as well as the foundation of the community.
What exactly does shopping local look like?  It can include sticking close to your neighborhood, even for small things like your favorite bottle of wine or your daily morning coffee.  Set a goal to purchase one specific item at a local shop, even if it’s just one day per week. Shopping local can include visiting destination neighborhoods within town.  These neighborhood gems have boutiques and shops that carry necessities or gift items, and often have restaurants that make it ideal for an afternoon retreat.  You could commit to eating brunch or lunch each week at a small, local establishment along with shopping at the surrounding stores.  Shopping local can also include a day trip to a small, local community.  The intricate matrix of small local businesses is intertwined even if the actual city or town isn’t physically connected.  Chances are the residents of any small community visit a larger, nearby community to shop. Supporting each other ensures we’re keeping both thriving communities alive.  Making a promise to take a seasonal day trip could make a huge impact on independent businesses in all communities.  Taking an afternoon or day trip on a consistent basis will have a lasting impact on small businesses as well as your personal well being.  It’s also worth mentioning that carrying cash versus plastic can help the independent retailer, as well as your own bottom line, by avoiding additional charges associated with debit or credit cards.

Get out of the house this summer and spend time within your community.  Specifically spend leisure time in your community’s unique shops and restaurants to support the business owner, their employees and ultimately your very own community.  It’s that simple.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Remodel Update

As you may or may not know we are remodeling, not by our choice, but hell yeah we get an all new store front! Want to hear the whole story click here. Otherwise update on progress below:

5/12:  Our contractor just called and windows will be installed on May 25th which marks the beginning of the remodel. We anticipate is will take some time so we will have our GRAND REOPENING on June 5th.  Of course, we'll keep everyone posted!

We are officially back to normal hours!

Mon- Fri: 12-8pm
Sat: 10-4pm
Sun: 12-6pm

5/4:  Front windows and door are ordered and shipping!  We feel confident in the progress of our remodel that we will be going back to normal hours next week, until then our hours are:

We are officially open for temporary hours!  We will have a fabulous new mural on our store front, created by local artist Stephanie Hagens.  Our windows will be installed within a couple of weeks, and will greatly improve our amazing little store front!  Until then please help keep us afloat during the following hours:

4/18: A group of helpers came out today to hang all the clean garments and clean any remaining debris. The team worked quickly and we were done by 7pm.  We also met with an artist that will be painting a mural on the front facade until we get windows. The store is totally ready to reopen with limited hours.  We will be open today, Tuesday April 19th from 2-6pm.  We need to recoup lost sales so please come on out to shop today and during our limited hours in the coming weeks until we have our permanent windows in place.

Thank you to everyone that has offered support throughout the past week and in the coming weeks.  It's been a very crazy week to say the least and wouldn't have made today's opening if it hadn't been for such amazing friends, family, volunteers, employees, customers, contractors, and cleaners.

Much love from the Upshift family!

Team Awesome - cleaning the store
Finishing touches

Previous updates:

4/16: Our contractor placed the temporary front facade and new door. The cleaner finished with the building, but now we need to focus on cleaning the garments.  We found hundreds of pieces with debris and glass on them.  We loaded them up and they are being washed now, 12 loads total.  We have committed to using all natural products and are hang drying them all to cut down on environmental impact.  

4/15: We met with contractors and cleaners to begin work today. The boutique looks so much better already. We did an initial inventory of lost items. There are so many garment covered in debris, dust, and glass.  In fact, when I simply reached down to pick up a pair of pants I was cut by a shard of glass (minor, but still worth noting since we need to make all garments safe for swapping)  In addition to all lost garment and accessories,we need 3 mannequins and a mural artist to do a temporary facade on the construction wall until our windows are replaced in 2-3 weeks!

4/14: Met with contractors and cleaning begins tomorrow as well as initial reconstruction. We still have to do inventory and itemize all items lost or damaged. Work begins at noon. Temporary storefront for reopen estimated for Sunday 4/17. They're quoting a full recovery in 2-4 weeks.

Cleaned up and ready for construction

Boarded up with debris