Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet Dustin

Yes, he may be part owner of this gig, but he's also our only male staffer.  He works harder than anyone I know, not only on behalf of the Upshift concept, but in every other aspect of his life.  He works 2-3 days a week at the boutique in addition he does all the maintenance, IT support, and shipping for Upshift.  He does all of this is on top of kicking ass at his full time job with the Madison School District.  Not only all that, this dude is funny, good looking, loves to drink beer, and has been known to run marathons.  There's nothing he can't do...except properly dress our mannequins, but even that has improved since his first day working the swap shop over 19 months ago*

Anyways, here's Dustin's scoop:

Full name: Dustin Lundt

Reason for working/volunteering at UpShift: Wife is the owner.  Resident handyman. Music selector.

Favorite thing about UpShift: Our great customers

Favorite memory of UpShift:  Opening day at our current location

Favorite item from UpShift: 
My turquoise Van's

Your personal style is: Whatever I feel like wearing

Your style icon is: Lindsay Leno
Something the UpShift world may not know about you: I am a homebrewer.

Your favorite song or band: Led Zeppelin & The Darkness

Drink of choice: Craft Beer

Ideal vacation or favorite place you've traveled: The Caribbean

Where else do you work or volunteer: MMSD Food & Nutrition

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Mickey's

If you could share one piece of fashion advice it would be: Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Word.  Well said Big D.  We love having you in the store!

*Opening paragraph was written by Dustin's humble wife so don't fault him for the brags.  Pics were also chosen by his loving wife and of course only the cutest pictures were chosen.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Photoshoot - latest and greatest

We are so unbelievably lucky to know the greatest people so our photographer and models are no exception.  Ashley Rostad is absolutely the most amazing photographer and creates images that perfectly capture Upshift's essence.  All this wouldn't be possible without our models, Mia Sigmon (pictured here) and Ash Thompson (in other post).

Enjoy our latest and greatest from our past photoshoot (woot woot, we have another shoot happening next Sunday!)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Weekend in 6 Easy Outfits

It's Memorial Weekend, summer is here!  First and foremost this is a time to pay tribute, and also a weekend to be with friends and family.  No matter what you have planned we have the outfit for you.

Check out our latest and greatest in outfit ideas:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stylist Event 5.17.15

It's time for our Stylist Event!  Mary Boersma with Something Nice will be in-house to offer tips and tricks for your wardrobe.  Event is Sunday, May 17th from 2-4pm with complimentary wine as always! $10 to swap!

Here are my stylist picks:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Memorial weekend promo

Join us for a special Memorial Day promo:

$5 off and wine as always

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This Week's Cuteness

We got in amazing new items this week!  Check out my favorites (hint: they're adorable!!!)

This week's reigning cuteness:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Next Big Event 5.17.15

Our monthly stylist event is Sunday, May 14th 2-4pm.  It's HALF price to swap, $10 bucks all you can swap!  Complimentary wine and stylist tips.

Monday, May 11, 2015

10 things everyone experiences at Upshift

1. Feeling confused during your first visit, "what, there's no price tags on anything?"
No pricetags.....and we don't charge tax.

2. Feeling like you're stealing when filling your bags.
Staff is really good about encouraging you to fill fill fill your bags.

3. Laugh at the box of Franzia on the front shelf, but then fill a solo cup and secretly be happy about this delightful option.
She's our unofficial mascot.  All hail queen Franzia.

4. Wonder if it's too early to drink wine (the answer is always no at UpShift).
It's never too early.

5. Stretch and reach for the cute items on the top barring.
...even though we have reach sticks

6. Try to undress a mannequin to get that super cute shirt (but then staff has to help because the mannequins are a pain in the ass to undress).
If it's cute, take it!

7. Try something on over your own clothes because the fitting rooms are being used.
People have been known to leave in a whole new outfit.

8. Promise yourself you'll leave with less than you brought in (why else did you clean out your closet?)
If you end up not liking something...just bring it back!

9. Prepare to leave but then find 5 more adorable things you HAVE to have.
Or get to your car and see something in the window you want

10. Leave with a huge bag of new duds that cost less than a tee shirt from Target.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


You know have a great husband when he asks if you want to go rummage saling on a Saturday. We usually hop on bikes and hit the road with a map and a few bucks and some change. This time we're getting serious because he hooked up the trailer to the bike. We usually go with no agenda as to what we're looking for and always end up scoring really awesome shit for our house or even the boutique. Today we'll be in the Atwood neighborhood of Madison. Usually when we go thrifting we hit a few bars and do some day drinking, so yes, there will be bloody marys and/or wine. So I had to pick an outfit that is not only cute, but also is durable enough thrift and be on a bike. Should be fun! Ejoy your Saturday hope to see you at Upshift. I'll post pictures of the items we score.

Thrifting outfit for the day
Mapping out our route
Earring galore!  $20 bucks!

Lilly Pulitzer Original! $8 bucks!
Earrings all ready for swapping

More earrings!  Retro 60's, 70's and 80's
Happy let's get a drink!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Silhouettes

Check out this video for new silhouettes, just in timefor the 2 for 1 event thats happening May 7th! Bring a friend and she swaps FREE!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HUGE Event!

We are so extremely pumped to announce this event coming up in June.  It may be a bit early to announce this, but goddamn it, mark your calendars now cause this is going to be epic (and super fun).

We're partnering with Gallery 99 (go to their link to check out their amazing mission).  Five of their artists will be (re)creating multi-media art inspired by the fashion trends of UpShift.  It's a collaboration of artists and our fashion merchandiser to create eye-candy that is textured and oh-so amazing!

Joins us Thursday, June 25th from 6-9pm
Complimentary wine and specialty beer crafted just for this event! (Redesigned Pale Ale).

Here's our official flyer followed by the trends that will be revealed (we cannot wait to see what the artist do to create art inspired by our trends!!!)

Here are the trends that the artists will be using as inspiration to create multi-media art pieces to be featured at Upshift!

2 for 1

This Thursday! 12-8pm, bring a friend and she swaps for FREE!  Legit, $10 swap with a friend!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Digital Newsletter

Check out our May trends and promos:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meet Amy!

We are so excited to introduce Amy, our longtime volunteer that came to us through Madison College!  She works every Wednesday from 6-8pm (come see her!) and she brings a love of fashion!  We always know that the store will look impeccable the next day when we open because she's such a perfectionist at closing down shop.  Anyways, here's Amy Lang...

Full name: Amy Lang
Reason for working/volunteering at UpShift: I'm starting a new career in the fashion industry.  I'm new enough into it that I'm not sure exactly how I'll fit in just yet.

Favorite thing about UpShift: The upbeat atmosphere!  It's great to be in a place surrounded by such positive vibes!

Favorite memory of UpShift: I haven't been working there as long as most of the others, so I'm sure I'll have more to pick from in the future, but I love working the stylist events with all of the fun involved.

Favorite item from UpShift: I don't have a picture of the striped clingy dress and the Aeropostal jacket with zippers I wear with it, but the combo gets me compliments wherever I go!

Your personal style is: Versatile.  I transition from being a fashion diva, to an x-ray instructor, to a mom on the go, to a gym rat sometimes all in one day!

Your style icon is: Betsy Johnson and Gwen Stefani are two of the designers whose styles I like.

Something the UpShift world may not know about you: I like to play the bass guitar. A hobby I started a couple years ago.

Your favorite song or band: Wow! Too many to name! I love '80s music probably the most, but pride myself on having many musical tastes just as I have many fashion tastes.

Drink of choice: Margarita on the rocks, no salt, please!

Ideal vacation or favorite place you've traveled: I loved going to the Washington DC area last summer. I've always wanted to go to New York City though.  I'm a city girl!

Where else do you work or volunteer: I'm an x-ray tech and instructor at U.W. Veterinary Care

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Princeton Club East and Knuckledown Saloon as well as my second home of St. Paul it is Natural Sound Studio?

If you could share one piece of fashion advice it would be: Be yourself!  The world is big enough and wonderful enough for everyone to each have their own style.  They broke the mold a long time ago. To some people, clothes are just clothes--something they have to wear everyday to keep or to keep from being arrested! LOL!  I feel clothes are an extension of a person's personality and individuality.  To me, they're a tool you can use to help yourself feel and look powerful, sexy, fun, strong, confident, or beautiful--however you want to look at any particular time