Saturday, September 16, 2017

Introducing (drumroll)....James

James Mallory
Bah, his style is fantastic
We have a new team member, James, who brings to the team a ton of talent and energy. James first connected with us through Madison College where he takes classes in the Fashion Marketing program.  He brings so much to the Upshift family, mostly his infectious personality, humor, and incredible fashion sense. He is unbelievably talented at putting outfits together for mannequins and offering style advice to our customers. Additionally, he is a designer (look at his outfit on any given day and chances are he made it) as well as a social media guru (watch for his videos on our instagram).  Ok, enough gushing about this guy, come on down and check out all the new items he puts out daily and to chat with him yourself, you won't regret either decision!

James designs are amazing
James and his incredible outfits

Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer to fall fashion transitions

This is a weird time of year when it comes to fashion and weather.  It's technically time to start wearing fall-inspired pieces (post Labor Day/Back-to-School), however it's still warm out, like, really really warm out.  Even if temps drop to the 70's or 60's it's still warm enough to go with short sleeves.
So, we in the fashion world call this a "transitional" month, meaning you have to utilize your items from the previous season and use some trickery to transition them to the next season.  So, during this transitional month we're taking our favorite summer pieces and adding a little twist to get you through until that beautiful blast of fall weather hits.

Here you go, four transitional looks to help you this month (ahem, just add layers to everything you love from your summer wardrobe.)

If you love your favorite strapless dress (and who doesn't) then add ....
A granny cardigan with pointy flats, both in darker tones.
Take your favorite chiffon top, with front crop tie and add...
Longer shorts, a scarf, belt, and leather platforms.  All in darker tones.
If you can't yet pack away that awesome summer frock, then add...
Animal print and a cute brown cover up, with pearls of course.
Everyone has that favorite white flowy top for summer... to transition it to fall add....
Flowy tribal pants, tweed shoes, and a dark layering tank.
It's that simple, it's all about layering and adding fall colors in richer, dark tones.  Voile, now go forth and be fabulous this transitional month.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stylist Service

Many may not know this, but every single person that works at Upshift is professionally trained to help stylize your wardrobe!  Every gal here has a formal education or has been trained by a professional stylist to help create your perfect wardrobe!

I say every gal because every so often, as the owner, my husband works a shift, he can help you reach things up high but don't trust him with your style choice.

What does a personal styling include?  Everything, and at no extra cost!  Come in and mention this post and just simply tell your stylist what you are in need of.

Here is an example of a styling for a wedding!   I helped my mom pick out an outfit for her nephew's wedding.

It's that simple, saunter in and have our staff give you amazing styling advice!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Private Party - Host for FREE!

Private Parties at UpShift are a huge hit!

Here are just a few reasons why:
  • Host swaps for FREE!
  • Bring a minimum of 8 guests and they swap for $10 each (that's half price!)
  • Complimentary red wine while you swap
  • Option to bring your own beverages and food for your guests
  • Complimentary invite created especially for you to send to friends or post on FB
How do we make it happen?  Easy:
  1. Please email with your top 2 dates and we put it on the calendar after confirmation with you.
  2. Email your friends or create an event on Facebook with your complimentary invitation.
  3. Show up and shop your ass off!
It's that simple!

2 for 1

Thursday, August 3rd 12-8pm

Get in and swap up with a friend and she swaps for FREE!!!!!

Complimentary wine as always!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Must-Have Footwear

Here are our top must-haves, enjoy!

Polished sneakers

Mary-janes, but flat and strappy

Ahhh, the 'ol librarian shoe - but totally chic

All the nudes

Stacked, chunky heels - bonus if the heel is printed

High top stiletto

Knee high boot, duh!

And finally, we're throwing it back to the cowboy boot

Monday, July 3, 2017

Stripes and Plaid Unite for the Ultimate Look

Pattern mixing is what we're all about here at Upshift, this season we feel like the ultimate combo is plaid and stripes.  The key is to make sure they are in the same color story.  So, here we combine navy and white stripes with a plaid shirt in navy, white, and blue.  To ground the look we layer a jean jacket over it, and pair with black flats (yes, it's totally OK to wear navy with black, it's a thing, yo!)

So, here you go!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Did you know?!

Just some fun facts about us!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Four Ways to Wear a Little Black Skirt

Every gal owns a little black skirt (if not, get in to Upshift and get one!) which allows for limitless ways to wear such a basic piece, we paired it down to 4 must-have styles for this fall:

 A pencil skirt pairs well with a flowy, pretty
 Perfect for the office and a classic,white top
 Convert to an edgy look for the weekend
A crop top makes a pencil skirt super sexy

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LBD - Little Badass Dress

Every gal has a LBD or Little Black Dress, that hangs in their closet and is at arm's length any time a special occasion occurs.  Well, my strapless, Banana Republic, dress is my go-to for all occasions and I have a wedding this weekend.  My dear cousin Spencer and his fiancee are getting married in Green Bay, WI.  No doubt, it will be a dressy affair so I know I can take my favorite LBD and dress it up accordingly.

*Psst, dirty little secret...I wear this same dress to every wedding I go to, and I'm able to change it up according to season or dressiness.  So, knowing I have this wedding tomorrow I realized that any gal can essentially take their LBD and wear it in different situations and look totally amazing depending upon the shoe, accessory, or cover up.  Perfect topic for our weekly video blog!

Watch and enjoy...and dig out your LBD so you can wear it in all occasions.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Make Music Madison 2017

We're participating in a city-wide event called Make Music Madison where over 400 bands play throughout the entire city!  We're featuring 4 different artist June 21st, here's our lineup:

12pm Jourdin Hines - Acoustic
1pm Brian Jurczyk TBA
2:30pm Matty and the Hitman - Folk/Indie Rock
5pm Jacob Grace - Guitar/Vocals

Also, our lovely Amy Lang did an amazing window display that you just have to check out, and we're handing out $5 off coupons!

See you June 21st!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Festival Season

It's festival season world wide, but most importantly, it's finally festival season here in Madison,WI. Marquette Waterfront Festival is considered our first festival of the season.  Sure there are little fests all over town, and we don't want to discredit them because they are fun as all get up!  However, the Waterfront Fest (a.k.a. Yahara Fest) is a festival where you can kayak, canoe, or pontoon up to the shore of Yahara Place Park and listen to tunes for 2 days on June 10th and 11th.  You can bike or walk to the festival and put out a blanket as well to enjoy the music.  Check out their webpage for more info on the festival as well as their Fool's Flotilla Parade at this site.

Festival season comes with a whole set of it's own fashion trends and here in Madison we are the epitome of hippy chick festival wear!  Coachella may be one of the more well known fashion festivals, but in Madison we rock hippy clothes year round, it just hits peak level during the summer months when festivals happen to be lighting up our little neighborhoods.

Festival fashion - think quirky hippy gear and there you have it!  At Upshift we have a store full of fashion that will fit right in at any festival; fringe, flowers, beading, leather, and flowing fabrics.

High-waisted short-shorts with a flowing beaded top and a straw hat with military boots.  Boom. Festival.

Floral gaucho pants + flowing top + thick sole tennies + flat brim hat - bra = festival gear

Tribal print flowy pants, crochet trim top over a swimsuit, finished off with platform espadrilles 

Hippy skirt with a tube top swim top and leather huarache sandals, so festival!

Upshift: Up Close and Personal

We're knocking down the 4th wall for this blog and I'm going to speak first person so you get a better understanding of where we're at at Upshift! I love blogging for Upshift, it serves so many purposes that my other social media does not; the blog gives you, the reader and loyal customer, a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of Upshift and what makes us tick.  I get to be super candid with my blog and use wording and a vernacular I wouldn't ever use on my very public social media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Those platforms are reserved for a more professional and polished attitude. On this platform I can talk about how much we love fashion and drinking wine and cocktails as well as any triumphs or struggles regarding Upshift.

With that said, it's kind of obvious that I haven't had time to blog in a while.  There are so many reasons, but mostly because owning a business keeps me on my toes and constantly on the go.  Additionally, I am an instructor in the Fashion Marketing Program at Madison College and teach anywhere from 25-75 students in any given semester.  When I'm not keeping Upshift going or teaching on campus I'm teaching in the Madison Metro School District as a substitute teacher (which I totally love doing more than anything).  At this point it might sound like I'm telling a sob story on why I don't do more to connect with my customers or even an excuse as to why I'm not more visible at the actual store.  It's not that at all, I'm sharing everything I do because believe it or not all the amazing things I do in my life are interconnected, if I'm teaching at Madison College I'm interacting with future employees that could work at Upshift, additionally I'm using Upshift as a teaching platform so students can practice their craft in our store.  When substitute teaching I'm connecting with the community that shops and supports local businesses.  I run into fellow teachers and students at Upshift all the time.  So, beyond all of this, Dustin (my badass other half) and I have a super healthy social life.  We spend every second away from Upshift talking about Upshift!

Alright, so here's the scoop, it's SUMMER holiday break and I'm not teaching June through August so be prepared for much more of a social media presence.  Starting with my next blog post about festival season!

With all of that said, Upshift is doing great thanks to all you amazing people that support us.  In order to keep moving forward please spread the word (our best advertising!) so more people come through our doors.  The more people that come through our doors guarantees we'll keep fresh inventory and it'll keep our mission alive!

Peace, love and be fabulous!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upshift and Cats Go Hand-In-Hand

Our history with cats goes all the way back to when the original business plan was written in 2009.  I wrote the business plan on a cocktail napkin while working my previous corporate job.  I knew I needed a change and I decided to create a life based on things I love.  So, on that napkin I wrote the words Fashion. Wine. Cats.  It's no secret that each of those things are things I love!  Fashion and wine are a staple of my adult life.  Cats on the other hand have been a part of my life since before I can remember.  I was raised by parents that are very compassionate towards all animals (they had a pet crow that they rescued in 2002 that lived peacefully alongside their German Shepard and cat), and so that love of all animals was passed on to us kids. Every cat I've ever had somehow found me, and almost always through rescue sites.  The two cats I have now, Cece and Rocky, were both rescue cats.

Cece in front Rocky in back
The idea to open a swap shop that served wine was developed as a concept from that napkin I wrote on in 2009.  Additionally, I wanted to have a shop cat in our store.  My husband was 100% against the idea, so we compromised and opened the shop with wine, and decided to partner with rescue sights or raise money to assist organizations that help injured or orphaned animals.

One of my staff, Amy Lang, planned an event with Kadlec Ranch Rescue (click here to go to the event site to get all the details) to help raise awareness for what they do.  Through planning the event we realized that all of our staff at Upshift have cats that are rescues! So, even though we don't have a shop cat we do have a bunch of people that are compassionate toward cats and their welfare!

Here are a few pics of kitties to make your day just a little bit more fabulous!

Cece, short for Chester Copperpot from Goonies - Lindsay's furball

Rocky Road - Lindsay's other furball

Kitty and Madison - Jo's rescue kitties

Madison - Jo's furbaby

Kitty - Jo's other furbaby

Andie and Tater Tot - Amy's rescue kitties
Another pic of Cece, because she's so darn cute

Baby Ruth - Lindsay's first rescue (she was just so darn pretty, I had to share)