Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stylist Service

Many may not know this, but every single person that works at Upshift is professionally trained to help stylize your wardrobe!  Every gal here has a formal education or has been trained by a professional stylist to help create your perfect wardrobe!

I say every gal because every so often, as the owner, my husband works a shift, he can help you reach things up high but don't trust him with your style choice.

What does a personal styling include?  Everything, and at no extra cost!  Come in and mention this post and just simply tell your stylist what you are in need of.

Here is an example of a styling for a wedding!   I helped my mom pick out an outfit for her nephew's wedding.

It's that simple, saunter in and have our staff give you amazing styling advice!

Top Trends for BTS

Back-to-School season is here and even if you don't plan on going back to school it still is a season that affects everyone, it's basically pre-fall and the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe for chilly, layering season.

So, without further ado, here are your must-have trends for this transitional season:

Denim and more denim



Animal prints

Ethnic embroidery

Ethnic patterns

Mary Janes


Anything Gold

Leather accents
Ever wonder where we get our trend information?  We sift through tons of magazines and store shop as well as follow a ton of awesome instagram fashionistas.  Speaking of, follow us.  Do it, do it now.