Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LBD - Little Badass Dress

Every gal has a LBD or Little Black Dress, that hangs in their closet and is at arm's length any time a special occasion occurs.  Well, my strapless, Banana Republic, dress is my go-to for all occasions and I have a wedding this weekend.  My dear cousin Spencer and his fiancee are getting married in Green Bay, WI.  No doubt, it will be a dressy affair so I know I can take my favorite LBD and dress it up accordingly.

*Psst, dirty little secret...I wear this same dress to every wedding I go to, and I'm able to change it up according to season or dressiness.  So, knowing I have this wedding tomorrow I realized that any gal can essentially take their LBD and wear it in different situations and look totally amazing depending upon the shoe, accessory, or cover up.  Perfect topic for our weekly video blog!

Watch and enjoy...and dig out your LBD so you can wear it in all occasions.

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