Thursday, January 11, 2018

Instagram Upshift Promo

So, we're going to run this promo until March 1st.  It's a fun one our merchandiser came up with.  He is fascinated by this Upshift sign we have hanging around the store and he thinks we can get some mileage out of it, and I think he's right.  If you come in and take a picture with it and post it on instagram and tag us in it @upshiftswapshop you will get $5 off your swap for that day.  Wait, you don't have instagram?

*cough, we're not judging*

Than we think it's totally cool if you use Facebook as the platform, too!  Just post the picture on your Facebook with a little blurb about shopping with us.  Be sure to put your location as Upshift Swap Shop.

Voile!  $5 off!  Just ask for THE sign when you come in, take a pic and make sure to link it to Upshift so we know you did it!  Heck, you can take a pic with staff and the sign if you want...and a glass of wine!

See you soon!

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