Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nature's Pathways Article - December 2014

We are featured in Nature's Pathways magazine each month with an article and profile.  This month we discuss the importance of giving instead of gifting.  This article holds true for all celebrations and relationships.  At UpShift we totally believe in living life to it's fullest through experiences and connections while enjoying simple things in life.

Check out the full article here:

Nature's Pathways Magazine - Your Path to Healthy Living

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hey, You!

We're reaching out to our beloved customer, you!  Word of mouth has been our most proven advertising and we want to take our swap shop to the next level. 

UpShift in numbers:

5 years ago UpShift became an LLC
11 financial institutions turned us down (recession + new concept = no)
3.5 years ago UpShift officially opened for business (in a basement)
14 months ago UpShift officially opened to the public
6 of the first 12 months we experienced extreme road and sidewalk reconstruction
7 volunteers keep UpShift open and running
2 volunteer stylists, 2 volunteer models, and 1 volunteer photographer additionally help out
3 customers per day pays the bills (believe it or not!)
8 customers per day will allow us to expand to include plus size

Why disclose any of this?  It's important to us that our customer is a part of the experience and honestly without you we wouldn't have been able to make it this far!  We are so unbelievably grateful and thankful for that.  To make it to the next level we need more of that good energy!

Everything we make at the boutique goes right back into it to keep it running, and since we finance it totally on our own we need to make sure it's worth the effort (pssst, we totally think it is! however, sometimes it's a nail-biter each month if you know what I mean?!)

Thank you and much love from the UpShift family.  Go forth and be fabulous (and spread the word while you're at it).