Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine Photo Session

This is an amazing event taking place at Winedown Bar on State Street in Madison, WI.  Ashley Rostad is a phenomenal photographer with Blackwater Studios and will be hosting a photo session Feb. 6, 7, and 13th where you get hair and makeup along with a 30 minute photo shoot.  Think of this as your opportunity to look your most amazing (and sexy) with the guidance of a professional! Ideas found here: Pinterest Board. You can't beat the price and you'll look amazing, bring your honey to do shots (both booze and pics) together!

Upshift will be there to provide styling advice! Come in to our boutique, mention the photo session and get an outfit for the shoot, pay only $10 for the outfit.  No need to swap!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Amazing Business Partnership

We LOVE to partner with local businesses and artists.  This one is amazing because she's a loyal customer and friend.  Kerry is a hair stylist at Hybrid Salon of Madison, Wisconsin and is offering an amazing deal; come to Upshift and enter your name for a drawing to get a FREE haircut and style! Additionally, we are giving away FREE hair care samples and a $15 gift card for Hybrid Salons and Kerry's services.  Just stop in, throw a biz card or your name in the jar for the drawing and when you swap we'll toss the $15 gift card into your bag.  If you're keeping tabs that's $15 toward salon services that you receive when you do our $20 swap.  It's like you're paying $5 for our swap and getting free money to Hybrid!

Get in now while supplies last!  Enter your name at anytime to get your name in the drawing for a FREE salon service!

Get your name in the drawing today1 FREE haircut!
Swap and get a $15 gift card and hair care product from Hybrid

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Table for Spring

We are so ready for above freezing temps that we are going to bring in bright tones as soon as we can. We're going to start with our most focal table and redo it in honor of warm, bright tones.  Plus, our table needed a make-over.

Enjoy this 30 second video:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hollywood Quiz - Who is your style icon?

Get your 2016 started with a new image that is based on old school Hollywood ideals.  Go vintage this year and take cues from 3 fabulously famous icons from the past.  Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, that will probably lose steam after 2 weeks anyways, consider taking a fun spin on a new way on how you go forth in the New Year.  It seems like taking a quiz to find direction in life was the thing of 2014, now is the time to take a final quiz to give focus for a new direction this year.  Take this with a grain of salt, as with any quiz in media its accuracy is about solid as the chances of every person that makes a resolution sticking to it past January 31.  Anyways, good luck and go forth this year and be fabulous!
After answering a few questions you’ll know which icon to take cues from in 2015 and where to find that all-new you for the coming year.  Choose answers that most closely fits your lifestyle:
1.       What do you do for a living?
a.       Work with children or the elderly
b.      Entertainment or hospitality industry
c.       Work in non-profit, politics, or as a social worker
2.        What are you most comfortable wearing to bed?
a.       Matching pajamas
b.      Undergarments
c.       Significant other’s comfy sweatshirt
3.       What is your ideal vacation?
a.       Paris, France
b.      Las Vegas, Nevada
c.       Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
4.       What do you consider a fun night out?
a.       Sipping wine with your significant other
b.      Martinis with your best friend
c.       Drinking beer with a group of friends
5.       What is your ideal workout?
a.       Walking your dog
b.      Zumba or group workout
c.       Swimming laps in the local lake
6.       What is your favorite drink to get you moving in the morning?
a.       Tea with honey
b.      Bloody Mary
c.       Black coffee
7.       What is your ideal hairstyle?
a.       Short and cropped
b.      Lots of texture
c.       Straight or natural
8.       What is your favorite genre of movie?
a.       Musical
b.      Comedy
c.       Drama
9.       What is your go-to jewelry style?
a.       Pearls
b.      Diamonds
c.       Understated gold or silver
10.   What is your favorite season?
a.       Spring
b.      Summer
c.       Fall
If you answered mostly A:
Audrey Hepburn is your style icon.  Take cues from her classic look of cropped, dark hair and natural makeup. 
What to wear:  A little black dress or cropped black pants with ballet flats and pearls.
If you answered mostly B:
Marilyn Monroe is your style icon.  Mimicking her is simple when you have confidence in your look by wearing makeup that highlights your features.  Be sure to pump up the volume of your hair!
What to wear: A pencil skirt with pointy pumps and of course diamonds along with tops that reveal just the right amount of skin.
Where to shop: Head to the mall or shop online.
If you answered mostly C:
Katharine Hepburn is your style icon.  She is the ultimate old-school tomboy by wearing whatever feels comfortable while looking completely amazing by doing so.
What to wear: Menswear, trousers, a crisp white shirt with a vest, and a hat to highlight long natural hair.
Where to shop: Thrift and vintage.

This totally accurate and legit quiz should now put you on the right path for finding your best self in 2015.  If it fails to do so than take stock of what makes you the best version of you and make that your icon.   Seriously, go forth this coming year and make it your best by making your own rules! May 2015 bring health, happiness, and a sense of self that makes your world a better place.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Unexpected Color Combos

We have just what you need to get you through this post holiday, pre spring season; unexpected color combos!  We ignore the old adage of not mixing Navy and Black or mixing Brown with Black, additionally we take it a step further and mix unexpected colors such as Plum and Mustard as well as Dusty Pink with Forrest Green.

Dig through your closet and pull out these color combos to give a little ooomph to your wardrobe in the coming weeks until we transition to spring.  If you don't have these color combos then come on down to the boutique or order online (specify specific colors in your survey), or better yet make up your own color combos (ahem, red and purple, possibly?).

Watch video for expert advice~

1. Screw rules, wear Navy with Black (especially when it's leather)

Leather pants (retro, high waist) with a vintage navy
coat looks even better with cobalt accents

2. Brown and black is chic when it involves wide-leg trousers
Brown tweed and black pair perfectly when
cream is added to the mix

3. Plum and Mustard (sounds like a solution to the game Clue)
This rich combo is balanced with grey denim
and pointy black flats

4. Dusty Pink and Forrest Green are so delightfully unexpected!
This structured dress is balanced perfectly with a flowy sweater
and *gasp* leopard flats!

5. Pink and red combo 
The key is to gradiate the colors from light to dark, pair
with dark denim and silver

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Amazing Customer

Below we feature Jamie Duckert and she is one of our fabulous customers! She holds a special place in our hearts not only because she shops here so often and commits to wearing so many of our amazing items, but she also spreads the word for us by posting images on her FB page and tells all her friends. She works in the Madison School District so I run into her beautiful, smiling face every once in a while and she's always excited to show her newest item (that she is usually wearing at the time).

On top of all this she has a phenomenal Facebook Page dedicated to Peace, Happiness, and Fitness. It's awesome to follow her journey and feel inspired on a daily basis (I can't stress enough what a cool chicky this lady is and how beautiful she is both inside and out!)  On top of all this she has a webpage dedicated to fitness.  This woman embodies everything that Upshift believes in; being your best you, spreading the love, being inspirational while inspiring other, and having a blast in life.

Thank you Jamie for being you and being such a wonderful person and making Uphift part of that beauty!

*Pssst, she didn't know we were gonna blog about her (I just asked if I could share the pic and she said sure, probably thinking it'd be on FB), oh, how we love featuring customers!  Send us pictures of your Upshift outfits and chances are you'll be on our Facebook Page or this blog!

Latest Upshift Outfit - Worn on January 6th. 2016