Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Top 10 Summer Styles

We love our best-of lists here at Upshift, so on that note it's time for out top 10 styles for this summer!

1. Solid white top
Bonus if you pair with crisp white jeans

2. Cropped lace top
Cropped or boxy tops are a must have

3. Strapless dress in geometric patterning
The contrast piping adds a vintage flare

4. Anything in Neon
This adorable skirt is super light and airy

5. Polka dots
Chiffon tops in any style are super easy to wear

6. Denim top
Denim on denim is super trendy, pair top with jeans

7. Plaid top
Anything in plaid is hot for the summer and into fall

8. Pattern mixed top
Pattern mixing is taking two patterns in the same tone

9. Crop top with tribal print
Take any shirt you love and make it a crop!

10. Stripes!
Any and all stripes are hot for summer, bonus if it has a peplum