Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upshift and Cats Go Hand-In-Hand

Our history with cats goes all the way back to when the original business plan was written in 2009.  I wrote the business plan on a cocktail napkin while working my previous corporate job.  I knew I needed a change and I decided to create a life based on things I love.  So, on that napkin I wrote the words Fashion. Wine. Cats.  It's no secret that each of those things are things I love!  Fashion and wine are a staple of my adult life.  Cats on the other hand have been a part of my life since before I can remember.  I was raised by parents that are very compassionate towards all animals (they had a pet crow that they rescued in 2002 that lived peacefully alongside their German Shepard and cat), and so that love of all animals was passed on to us kids. Every cat I've ever had somehow found me, and almost always through rescue sites.  The two cats I have now, Cece and Rocky, were both rescue cats.

Cece in front Rocky in back
The idea to open a swap shop that served wine was developed as a concept from that napkin I wrote on in 2009.  Additionally, I wanted to have a shop cat in our store.  My husband was 100% against the idea, so we compromised and opened the shop with wine, and decided to partner with rescue sights or raise money to assist organizations that help injured or orphaned animals.

One of my staff, Amy Lang, planned an event with Kadlec Ranch Rescue (click here to go to the event site to get all the details) to help raise awareness for what they do.  Through planning the event we realized that all of our staff at Upshift have cats that are rescues! So, even though we don't have a shop cat we do have a bunch of people that are compassionate toward cats and their welfare!

Here are a few pics of kitties to make your day just a little bit more fabulous!

Cece, short for Chester Copperpot from Goonies - Lindsay's furball

Rocky Road - Lindsay's other furball

Kitty and Madison - Jo's rescue kitties

Madison - Jo's furbaby

Kitty - Jo's other furbaby

Andie and Tater Tot - Amy's rescue kitties
Another pic of Cece, because she's so darn cute

Baby Ruth - Lindsay's first rescue (she was just so darn pretty, I had to share)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Best. Event. Ever

This event involves kittens.  I repeat KITTENS!  So Kadlec Ranch is a rescue sight in Madison and they take in sick, injured, or orphaned animals and ultimately find homes for these animals, mainly kittens. Kadlec Ranch Rescue is a 501(c)  non-profit rescue group located in Rock County. They have a litter of kittens that need to find a home and we are hosting them May 20th at our shop from 12-2pm.  So, you can show up and snorgle kitties while you swap for half price!  We're also doing a HUGE push to raise supplies for Kadlec Ranch and this is what it looks like:

May 13th-20th bring a donation of cat/pet goods (litter/food, etc) and get $5 off your swap all day/everyday for the week!

May 20th: $10 to swap from 12-2pm where you get to see the kitties.  Face painting for kids and coloring books for kiddos!

May 21st - 30th bring a donation of cat/pet goods (litter/food, etc) and get $5 off your swap all day/everyday for the week!

We LOVE kitties and all animals so your donation and swapping will help critters that would otherwise be cast aside.

Thank you in advance,
Lindsay (owner and animal lover)