Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viole Vino

Did you know we offer complimentary wine while you shop at UpShift?  Yep! Our clothing swap is really about the social experience...having fun while upgrading your wardrobe.

Clean out your closet (seriously, it needs it), load up all your gently used duds and bring them to UpShift.

We'll empty out your bag while you pour a glass of wine....then you're whole goal is to load up your bag with anything you want from the boutique (think super fashionable, gently used, amazing trends).

All this for only $20.  Not a goddamn dime more.  Items aren't individually priced, it's all about loading up your empty bag(s).  You can bring as much as you want!

Alright, so it's frickin' Franzia (we allow BYOB if you really hate the box stuff...seriously, a gal brought in a bottle last week). Franzia holds a special place in our hearts at UpShift.  Why?  Because it's like a bottomless glass of wine, and who couldn't use that?

Honestly I would rather shop sustainable clothing with a glass of wine in my hand any day than shop sober at the mall.  So there's that.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Celebrating the Oscars

I'll be celebrating the Oscar's by ordering in (to the boutique) and getting a good bottle wine.  Why at the boutique?  Because I'm staying late to hang all spring product in anticipation of our new inventory launch (pssst, private party 3/6!)

That doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate the Oscars early (and of course, watch it later..8/7 central in case you're wondering).

Swing by UpShift, bring duds to swap and if you bring accessories with you than you only pay $10 to swap unlimited garments and sip complimentary wine!

Monday, February 24, 2014

What's on tap for today

It's Monday and I'm working from home today.  Got everything done and now I'm heading out for a lunch date at The Old Fashion here in Madison.  It's Wisconsin, and goddamn cold still so it's all about comfort, thankfully UpShift still has warm duds to pick from (everything courtesy of my Swap Shop, UpShift).  I'm sure a martini will help with this issue.  

Go forth and be fabulous in all you do.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meet Jo - UpShift's Fabulous Merchandiser and Little Fashionista!

I shit you not, this is a real person and she is UpShift's amazing merchandiser.  You'll be seeing a lot of pics of her on this blog because she is truly the most amazing (and miniature) fashionista this side of the Mississippi.

*Jo's special talents include stylizing mannequins, merchandising second-hand garments, taking awesome selfies, and dressing in the most amazing ensembles (she once showed up in plaid flannel pj bottoms, a dress shirt, bow tie, and high heels....and looked fucking amazing!)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fancy Pants Party

I have thee greatest group of friends (some day I'll explain how we all met)...get this, for birthday celebrations we do this thing called a Fancy Pants Party.  Let me repeat that; Fancy. Pants. Party.

We dress completely over-the-top (I'm in heaven!) and meet at a local dive bar and drink cheap beer all night.  Shenanagans ensue!  Below is my ensemble; I went with a Mardi Gras theme since I can't be in New Orleans this year for the big celebration. Screw it, I'll bring Mardi Gras to Madison.  

Now, my last and only decision is if I should wear a wig or not?  

Friday, February 21, 2014

From Runway to UpShift's Way

I really believe in high end fashion, does it always translate to everyday life?  Nope.

However, I found a way to seek out the most wearable runway looks and find comparable trends at UpShift (Madison's only 100% sustainable swap shop

Here are the best of the best:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion and vodka go hand in hand

Post private party at UpShift required that Wednesday was a day off.

Met a friend for a drink (turned into two, as always)
Proving once again that fashion and vodka go hand in hand.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everyday fashion for everyday gals

Gals these days work more than just the 9-5 job and have an incredible amount of depth to their existance (think social life, second job, relationship, travel, etc).  It can be hard to balance it all and still be fashionable (and affordordable to be trendy) while maintaining sanity (hence the love of wine and vodka).  Ok, maybe I'm just talking about myslef here but really it boils down to this......

It's ok and even feels pretty good to carve out time just for yourself to look good (I use my eyelash curler every. single. day...just because it makes me feel pampered and takes two seconds....I even use it on days off just to look snazzy while sipping a bloody mary during brunch).  Alright, who has time for this type of crap, right?  Or the bigger question is, who has the cash for this.  Aha, (cue second-hand shopping) anyone can look good for next to nothing.  Throughout the coming days, weeks, month I'll feature amazing fashion that is all second-hand and works with any lifestyle. 
Bottom line.  Take time to look great (used clothing is an addiction) and feel awesome (wine will achieve this) all while manuevering your hectic life.

This message brought to you by your average overworked and slightly tired fashionista that still manages to carve out time for life's luxaries, oh yeah, and it's brought to you by UpShift Swap Shop here in Madison -

Monday, February 17, 2014

You can never be too fashionable or drink too much vodka.

My beliefs in many things change as I age or move to a new location....there are 2 things that never waver; my love for second hand fashion and booze.  They go hand-in-hand; live fashionably by looking amazing while wearing second hand clothes (see to see where I get all my clothes, hint: I own the swap shop so it makes life pretty easy) oh yeah, and I always accessorize with a martini or a glass of wine.
Psst...I teach during the day, run a boutique at night.  I vowed to drink a cocktail (or 3) throughout my entire xmas break..that was over 2 months ago and it seems legit to make this a daily ritual.  Turns out vodka (or wine) is a great accessory and dinner accompaniment.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mission: UpShift all day, everyday.

Goal: transition my closet over to 100% UpShift garments. I'm about 60% there, I believe so deeply in what were doing at UpShift that I need to live it everyday.
Bonus: I'm helping the environment by wearing only second hand, all my old amazing non UpShift items go to the customer, AND all the fashion featured here will be amazing finds from our fab customers!

Carnaval in Wisconsin

Going through last year's beads and found this gem. I will be celebrating Mardi Gras even though I can't go this year. Woe is me, I'm going to Hawaii instead.
My connection to Nawlins runs deeper than just a love for bright shiny things and drinking booze. I'm blessed to have an amazing sister that lives there...I get the inside scoop on everything NOLA. She's an artist so I get to see the underbelly and in my opinion the best of the best of the Crescent city. Ok, so my visits consist of a little culture, a lot of laughing, drinking, bright beads, and boas. My highlight was going out sans-pants and partying til dawn. Only in New Orleans.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Favorite winter find

Long gloves made of theee softest leather...and built in coffee stains on the fingertips. Even though I'm completely sick of winter I'll miss these once the weather heats up!
Mismatch kind of a day.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photoshoot Fall 2013

The talented Miss Ashley Biser is our in-house photographer
(ummm, email her if you need amazing pics at

UpShift literally threw a bunch of amazing clothes together (while we were still trying to paint our new location) and gave them to our stylist that met Ashley on site.

Ashley (also an amazing make-up, hair, and nail stylist) made our model look uhhhh-mazing and snapped these photos.

We love Ashley, our stylist Laura Garske, and our model little Miss Mia.