Thursday, June 19, 2014

Definition of UpShift (noun not verb)

People often ask what UpShift means.  Upcycle (humble opinion about to be thrown around) is overused by the eco-conscious community to invoke recycling in a trendy way.  We took a fresh spin on it.  Upshifting in a car means going into a higher gear...gear is also slang for clothing.  "Let's switch gears", people say for wanting to change topics. My favorite topic is clothing.  Switch it up.

Mind ready to be blown? Shift is another word for a loose fitting dress.  It all makes perfect sense. UpShifting means changing up your gear for better duds.  Simple.

That still doesn't answer how UpShift works, right?  Well check out our webpage FAQ's to answer all your burning questions.

Go forth and be fabulous.

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