Friday, July 24, 2015

The Great Caper

We were robbed yesterday.  Yep, our little gem of a shop was robbed on Thursday, July 23rd.  It was a non-violent crime that involved a man stopping in and taking all our cash. Thankfully my staff is safe and the store is secure (to quote my staffer, "Even the thieves are nice in Madison").  We installed cameras last week and the Madison Police Department was absolutely amazing at responding to the call.  They did an unbelievably thorough job at getting all the details and are sure they'll get to the bottom of this and other similar crimes.

We are still open and didn't let it break our stride.  Now is when we need business more than ever to help off set the loss.  Stop in and support us and help get us back to where we were before yesterday.

We thought it necessary to share this with our customers as word travels fast in Madison.  Customers have already contacted us because they saw a significant presence of police outside our shop all day.

Thank you for all the support and hope to see you this weekend.


Lindsay & Dustin and the Upshift family

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