Friday, June 10, 2016

The Winds Are a Changin'

Uffduh, we have had so much change happening here at Upshift.  First, a car drives through our front window which set off a whole chain of events.  We were boarded-up and closed for a week, and lucky for us a fabulous artist Stephanie Hagens came forward to paint a phenomenal mural on our temporary store front.  Next, we were told about all the hard work ahead to get our store back to fighting shape; new windows that take 3 weeks to order, garment cleaning, store cleaning, new rugs, mannequins, painting, dusting (dusting and more dusting, seriously where does it all come from), and constant questions about when we reopen.  WE'RE OPEN, come swap!

It's been a tough couple of months, especially with all the construction (to create an amazing new storefront), but mostly with people not really understanding that we are indeed open!

In fact, we're celebrating a Grand Reopening on June 23rd from 4-8pm.  Join us!

We finally have beautiful new windows!  What a blessing to have such an amazing new storefront, guess what though...our huge new windows expose how outdated our interiors are.  We plan to paint and replace all our outdated fixtures; mannequins, rugs, cash register counter, and fitting room curtains.  In addition, we will have a full new floorset (meaning all new trends) done by our merchandiser.

The first step in all these changes, after our new windows went in, was to move our amazing mural indoors.  There was a resounding response from the public that we HAD to preserve the mural and we could not agree more!

We moved that amazing piece of art into our fitting room!  Change Is Good, indeed!  Thank you Stephanie Hagens for contributing this piece to our store!  Here is the mural permanently installed into the store.

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