Thursday, February 9, 2017

Important Message Regarding Our Inventory

Just as a recap we carry women's clothing sizes 0-16 in today's trendiest styles and we are a swap shop where customers come in with a bag of gently used items to swap up for a whole new wardrobe! We've been doing this for almost 5 years and are so incredibly proud of our diverse customer base, and as the owner I spend a ton of time trying to get to know our customers so I can offer the best of the best to everyone who walks through the door of our little shop!*

My staff has been trained since we first opened our doors to greet our customer by saying, "Welcome to Upshift, have you shopped here before?  We offer women's clothing, but also have men that shop here as well as anyone that prefers women's silhouettes.  Please look around and let me know if you have questions."  They are required to greet every customer this way so that everyone feels welcome.

It was recently brought to my attention that we have not carried that same sentiment over to our social media and online platform. We have men that shop our store as well as customers that prefer women's styles and of course women and youngsters.  Everyone is always welcome and just because we identify as a women's clothing shop doesn't mean we are exclusive to that clientele.  In all honesty, I'm so naive I just assumed that most if not all stores are open to this same type of sentiment and thought it was apparent by how we operate.  I'm glad I have a platform to clarify.

If you're curious about our vibe the best way to find out is to come on in, you'll find super fun staff surrounded by music and most often a bunch of positive people drinking wine!

*We are very aware that we need to offer sizes 0-24, however due to our limited space of 450 square feet we had to limit our offering until we move to a bigger location.  We've heard it loud and proud from our customer and hope to make it happen soon!

Peace, love, and all the grooviness!

Lindsay Leno

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