Monday, April 7, 2014

100% UpShift

I'm making it my quest to convert my entire wardrobe to 100% second hand through swapping out garments. Today's outfit brought to you by UpShift and our fabulous customers (their cast offs will be my new wardrobe, and my cast offs will ultimately become their's)

Follow my progress on this blog (along with life's other shenanigans).

This outfit is all UpShift, I paired seerucker blue and white ankle length trousers (oh, grandma would be proud that I used that word) along with my favorite crisp white tee and a blue blazer (with snazzy nautical buttons).  

Ok, this is a total shameless sharing of information.  I'm a bit crazy about this whole save-the-world-through-small-steps thing (i.e., my hubby and I only use cloth napkins and haven't used a dryer in over 8 years...whole different blog entry is needed for this topic) ANYWAYS, I teach all over Madison, thus the students or staff never see that I wear the same outfit for work every single day throughout the week.  

Yuk, right?  Hell no...I'm saving gallons of water by not doing mass amounts of laundry.  Plus I only have to pick out an outfit on Sunday and lay it out each night after my 4-6 hour shift.  By Friday it's all worn in and comfy (this is where you shut down the blog and mutter, "dirty hippy").  That's not the case at all.  I'm a fashionista on a mission to make as little impact on the environment as possible...all while looking stylish.  

As if you haven't worn your favorite thing over and over again (or wish you could)?  It just so happens my favorite things come from UpShift and my lifestyle allows me to wear my favorite things for days in a row.

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  1. I ordered this dress and it's gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. In any shop you'd pay a huge amount for this dress. I am so pleased with the dress and I don't regret buying online at all.