Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's uuber important that I live a life that is in alignment with certain ideals...and it's really simple; I do whatever makes me happy.  I've found that during the past few weeks I've been giving too much energy towards making others happy with the sad side-effect of feeling really burnt out.

Remedy: I'm taking time to realign with my ideals. The name of the game is to do what makes me happy. What does that include?  More music, less technology.  Read more, talk less.  Connect with UpShift more, run errands less.  More martinis at home, less networking.  Turn my phone on silent, spend more time with my favorite person (my fabulous husband, Dustin, of course).  So, here's to ramping up to a wonderful summer where I will spend more time walking to and from the boutique while enjoying tunes and looking forward to a glass of wine while working (hey, if you get enjoy one while shopping...than I can join you).

As always, go forth and be doing what makes you happy.

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