Friday, May 30, 2014

Wedding Season?

Yeah, it's that time of year.  For most twenty-somethings.  I went through wedding season years ago, in fact those fabulous people got married, had babies, and are now divorcing like normal Americans.  Turns out my nearest and dearest don't really follow that format because my two bestest lady friends waited (smartly so) to get married later in life.  One in her (gasp) late 20's and the other (louder gasp) mid 30's.  And not married to each other (although, for the record, I totally support that).  I shit you not both my two best gal pals texted me New Years day to save the date.  One friend, here in Madison wanted June 20th saved for her wedding.  The other friend, from Eau Claire, wanted June 21st saved.  Fine.  Done and done.  Then I was asked to be in BOTH weddings...of 2 people I love very very much.  I OK'd it with both of them that I could indeed be in both weddings even if they were on the same weekend.  What does this all mean?  I'm still not quite sure....but I will tell you this;   both weddings are amazing....and beautiful...and make me feel so honored that I know each person individually. 
With weddings come showers and bachelorette parties.  

Top dress is for the shower.  Bottom dress is for the bachelorette party.  Both from Upshift!

And yes, I am wearing them to both of my besties parties.  2 different towns, 2 different weekends.  Deal with it.

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