Thursday, August 21, 2014

BTS trends

Back-to-School is here.  Regardless if you're indeed going back to school or not this season is mega important in the fashion and retail world.  Why?  Because we each get to start new with our fashion image (just like back in elementary school we got to start with a new teacher and a new trapper keeper...mine was blue with a rainbow).  Below are the top three trends we're calling out at UpShift and the fashion world in general.

Preppy: Chaps cardigan (tags still on $ cost next to nothing at UpShift) with denim dress.

Casual: Retro Bill Blass overalls with nordic print tee.  Bibs are back (again),  how can you resist retro?

Ballet: Pretty in pink with a chiffon top and lace champagne skirt...and flats of course!

Must have accessory: Canvas and leather tote!

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