Saturday, January 24, 2015


It's a theme I hear from our customers all the time: I'm transforming my insert noun here (body, life, career, values, mindset, habits, etc).  It seems like most everyone is on this journey to become a better version of themselves.  To that I say, "Hell yeah, go for it".  Seriously, if we plant our feet on the ground in the morning with the mindset of today is going to be a better day than yesterday, this world is headed in a positive direction.

This large sweeping concept perfectly sums up, on a micro level, my existence and the creation of UpShift.  I realized a few years ago that it's totally possible to create any lifestyle I want, so why not make it worth living.  I sat down and jotted down some of my ideals in life (this is where my husband laughs and in his mind switches out the word jotted with something along the lines of; obsessively documented every goddam detail of life in a series of journals to create a custom-made life).  I outlined all that I wanted in life and set out that very moment to just start living it. Craving a glass of wine. Drink it.  Want a nap.  Take one.  Create a business. Open it. If something makes you happy keep doing it, if something you're doing doesn't make you happy stop doing it.

Bringing good things into your life will, in turn, bring good things into your life.  However, the opposite approach must also be examined.  A mean friend continues to berate, stop hanging out with that person.  Running a marathon hurt, stop doing them.  Wearing 4 inch stilhettos causes back problems, trade up for 3 inch pumps.  Eating pizza causes bloat, stop eating it.

Point being, make the evolution and make it count.  Become the best version of you no matter what that looks like to you and know that it starts with little changes. UpShift as needed for a better life.

Go forth, be fabulous.

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