Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top ten must-haves in every gals closet

Here are the absolute top ten must-haves for any gal's closet.  Literally if you have these simple, basic items you can mix and match for any occasion.  Additionally, you can add anything to this basic wardrobe and create a fashion forward selection of outfits.  These are the perfect foundation for any solid wardrobe, and if you don't have them, no worries, you can find them at UpShift!  There's a video at the end for your viewing pleasure.  Go forth and be fabulous!

1. Crisp white shirt - the foundation for all great outfits
2. Blazer - you're not limited to just black, ahoy!
3. Trousers; never too slim, never to wide.  Go for winter white!
4. Cardigan - for those chilly movies or  that not-so-toasty- office
5. LBD - Little Black Delightfulness

6. Straight denim - medium wash with just the right hem

7. Thee perfect coat - warmer climate = trench, cold climate=wool
8. Fashion top - any style and color, just make it pop..
9. We cheated and put all our favorite shoes in one - flats, boots, and pumps
10. Again, cheating  with accessories - chunky neckwear and earrings.

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