Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meet Amy!

We are so excited to introduce Amy, our longtime volunteer that came to us through Madison College!  She works every Wednesday from 6-8pm (come see her!) and she brings a love of fashion!  We always know that the store will look impeccable the next day when we open because she's such a perfectionist at closing down shop.  Anyways, here's Amy Lang...

Full name: Amy Lang
Reason for working/volunteering at UpShift: I'm starting a new career in the fashion industry.  I'm new enough into it that I'm not sure exactly how I'll fit in just yet.

Favorite thing about UpShift: The upbeat atmosphere!  It's great to be in a place surrounded by such positive vibes!

Favorite memory of UpShift: I haven't been working there as long as most of the others, so I'm sure I'll have more to pick from in the future, but I love working the stylist events with all of the fun involved.

Favorite item from UpShift: I don't have a picture of the striped clingy dress and the Aeropostal jacket with zippers I wear with it, but the combo gets me compliments wherever I go!

Your personal style is: Versatile.  I transition from being a fashion diva, to an x-ray instructor, to a mom on the go, to a gym rat sometimes all in one day!

Your style icon is: Betsy Johnson and Gwen Stefani are two of the designers whose styles I like.

Something the UpShift world may not know about you: I like to play the bass guitar. A hobby I started a couple years ago.

Your favorite song or band: Wow! Too many to name! I love '80s music probably the most, but pride myself on having many musical tastes just as I have many fashion tastes.

Drink of choice: Margarita on the rocks, no salt, please!

Ideal vacation or favorite place you've traveled: I loved going to the Washington DC area last summer. I've always wanted to go to New York City though.  I'm a city girl!

Where else do you work or volunteer: I'm an x-ray tech and instructor at U.W. Veterinary Care

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Princeton Club East and Knuckledown Saloon as well as my second home of St. Paul it is Natural Sound Studio?

If you could share one piece of fashion advice it would be: Be yourself!  The world is big enough and wonderful enough for everyone to each have their own style.  They broke the mold a long time ago. To some people, clothes are just clothes--something they have to wear everyday to keep or to keep from being arrested! LOL!  I feel clothes are an extension of a person's personality and individuality.  To me, they're a tool you can use to help yourself feel and look powerful, sexy, fun, strong, confident, or beautiful--however you want to look at any particular time

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