Monday, April 13, 2015

Meet Carissa!

Carissa came to us almost a year ago as a volunteer model for our Johnson Street dance.  She asked if she could start volunteering and hit the ground running!  Carissa is one of our hardest workers and takes so much pride in her work as well as picking out new, amazing duds for her own closet as well as customers.  There isn't enough I can say about her and what she brings to UpShift!  I also love how straight forward she is with her answers to our interview:

Full Name: Carissa B Beaverson:

Reason for working at UpShift:  It’s the multiple friendships and wonderful experiences, I have gained through volunteering at UpShift.

My favorite thing about UpShift: The fact the every item in the store is recycled from the mannequins to the garbage cans.

Favorite item: Currently a pair of Sandals.

Personal Style: I have a jeans and tee- shirt type of style. I’m transitioning to a more feminine style. I'm trying more dresses, bright colors and skirts.  

Style Icon: My family members throughout the years.

Favorite band: My favorite band is Incubus.

My favorite drink: A good strawberry lemonade.

My ideal vacation: Morro Bay/ Pismo beach in California.

Fashion advice: Don’t let society tell you what to wear.  If you want to show skin do it. If you want to cover yourself from head to toe. Do it!!

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