Monday, May 11, 2015

10 things everyone experiences at Upshift

1. Feeling confused during your first visit, "what, there's no price tags on anything?"
No pricetags.....and we don't charge tax.

2. Feeling like you're stealing when filling your bags.
Staff is really good about encouraging you to fill fill fill your bags.

3. Laugh at the box of Franzia on the front shelf, but then fill a solo cup and secretly be happy about this delightful option.
She's our unofficial mascot.  All hail queen Franzia.

4. Wonder if it's too early to drink wine (the answer is always no at UpShift).
It's never too early.

5. Stretch and reach for the cute items on the top barring.
...even though we have reach sticks

6. Try to undress a mannequin to get that super cute shirt (but then staff has to help because the mannequins are a pain in the ass to undress).
If it's cute, take it!

7. Try something on over your own clothes because the fitting rooms are being used.
People have been known to leave in a whole new outfit.

8. Promise yourself you'll leave with less than you brought in (why else did you clean out your closet?)
If you end up not liking something...just bring it back!

9. Prepare to leave but then find 5 more adorable things you HAVE to have.
Or get to your car and see something in the window you want

10. Leave with a huge bag of new duds that cost less than a tee shirt from Target.

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