Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet Dustin

Yes, he may be part owner of this gig, but he's also our only male staffer.  He works harder than anyone I know, not only on behalf of the Upshift concept, but in every other aspect of his life.  He works 2-3 days a week at the boutique, in addition he does all the maintenance, IT support, and shipping for Upshift.  He does all of this on top of kicking ass at his full time job with the Madison School District.  Not only all that, this dude is funny, good looking, loves to drink beer, and has been known to run marathons.  There's nothing he can't do...except properly dress our mannequins, but even that has improved since his first day working the swap shop over 19 months ago*

Anyways, here's Dustin's scoop:

Full name: Dustin Lundt

Reason for working/volunteering at Upshift: Wife is the owner.  Resident handyman. Music selector.

Favorite thing about Upshift: Our great customers

Favorite memory of Upshift:  Opening day at our current location

Favorite item from Upshift: 
My turquoise Van's

Your personal style is: Whatever I feel like wearing

Your style icon is: Lindsay Leno

Something the Upshift world may not know about you: I am a homebrewer.

Your favorite song or band: Led Zeppelin & The Darkness

Drink of choice: Craft Beer

Ideal vacation or favorite place you've traveled: The Caribbean

Where else do you work or volunteer: MMSD Food & Nutrition

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Mickey's and One Barrel Brewing Company!

If you could share one piece of fashion advice it would be: Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Word.  Well said Big D.  We love having you in the store!

*Opening paragraph was written by Dustin's humble wife so don't fault him for the brags.  Pics were also chosen by his loving wife and of course only the cutest pictures were chosen.

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