Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Capsule Check List

UpShift Swap Shop – Build a Capsule Wardrobe

ð        LBD* (should fit well and can be worn to a wedding, office party, or the opera...versatile)
ð        Crisp white dress shirt (buttons all the way up and is plain, no frills)
ð        Blazer (trust me on this, it can be worn dress and casual)
ð        Skinny black trousers
ð        Legging (not crappy ones from Wally World, quality ones that won't show undie lines)
ð        Straight leg jeans (medium wash; again casual and dressy all in one)
ð        White tee shirt (fitted)
ð        Long sleeve tee (black and brown)
ð        Jean jacket (or easy layering piece that can be worn all day in or out)
ð        Cardigan (this doesn't necessarily mean classic, it can be any layering sweater)
ð        Pencil skirt (mid calf or right above knee, no shorter)
ð        Casual dress pants (this could mean khakis or lightweight seersucker)
ð        Trench coat

ð        Sleeveless dress top (chiffon is easy to wear and travels well)
ð        Long sleeve dress top (chiffon or silk)
ð        Sweater (a style that can be worn dressy or casual)

ð        Scarves (I rotate between 3 of my faves)
ð        Tall boots
ð        Flats (ballet or pointy)
ð        Black purse
ð        Brown purse 
ð        Sunglasses (one brown, one black)

Jewelry (choose either a gold or silver story and stick to it)**
ð        Hoop earrings (about the size of a golf ball)
ð        Diamond Studs (pea size or smaller)
ð        Costume ring (one big fun ring)
ð        Simple band (simple is really fashionable right now)
ð        Chunky necklace
ð        Strand necklace
ð        Wedding rings (mine are silver, and I still wear gold with them.  No rules, remember?)

ð        Khaki shorts
ð        Denim shorts
ð        Strapless maxi
ð        Beach cover up
ð        Strapless tanks ( two; black and neon yellow)
ð        Cotton skirt
ð        Flip flops in black
ð        Leather flips that are dressier
LBD =Little Black Dress
**You really can't have enough of jewelry or accessories.  This is a good way to jazz up your simplified wardrobe, however I find I wear the same few items repeatedly.

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