Monday, June 22, 2015

Meet the photographer we love so much! Ashley Rostad

I can't say enough about this week's blog feature, Ashley Rostad.  She is a very dear friend (I was her matron of honor in her wedding last year), an amazing photographer and hairstylist as well as personal consultant when it comes to running the boutique.  I met her 6 years ago and could not have made Upshift happen without her support and incredible talents; all of our photography has been shot and styled by her.  On top of all of this she is absolutely the most stylish person I know.  She takes risk (shirt as a dress...or no pants at all) and she always looks so amazing! She's the best!  Here is Ashley's profile:

 Full name: Ashley Rostad

Reason for working/volunteering at UpShift: I love the idea behind the business.  I'm all about sustainability, while still being able to stay on trend, or even dress to your own tastes and styles, all without breaking the bank.  It's my way of offering support to this most excellent cause!

Favorite thing about UpShift: Wine.  Actually, I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I love that it's offered.  Everything about the shop, the people, Lindsay, it's super personal, personable and inviting.  It's the better version of getting together at a friends to swap clothes.  You get more variety and awesome company.

Favorite memory of UpShift:  Any photoshoot we've ever done.  Each one, I feel, keeps getting better and better!  Not to mention I've been a follower/loyal fan from the get-go, so I also love reminiscing about back in the basement days..for nostalgia's sake!

Favorite item from UpShift: 
Everything I've ever gotten?  I have had way too many good finds from here!  I especially get a good little kick out of finding my old clothes and being able to take them back home again, even if just for a little instant extended closet!

Your personal style is: Pretty eclectic, sometimes bold.  I'm all over the place, though I'm much more tame and boring than I used to be these days.  I love going against the rules, making my own.  I'm a firm believer in if you think something looks good, wear it.  ROCK it.  So long as it's appropriate for where you're headed, do your thing.  I love mixing trends, styles, etc, but lately...summer really brings out my inner hippie.  Anyone watch Season 3 of American Horror Story:  Coven?  Yes.  All of that!

Your style icon is: It fluctuates an awful lot, and I don't know that I often have one...I like to draw different things from different people depending on how I'm feeling, but lately I've had a mildly unhealthy fascination with Stevie Nicks back in the day.  And anyone rockin that super boho!

Something the UpShift world may not know about you: Oh gosh.  I LOVE to sing, but don't ever plan on hearing me.  And, if given the chance and financial stability (and if my husband would ever allow it haha), I'd up and be a missionary - so many things about this world break my heart...

Your favorite song or band: A gazillion different ones!  I love southern sounds, southern rock, bluegrass, etc.  needtobreathe probably tops the list, but I also love The Wild Feathers, AFI will always have a place in my heart...I could go on and on...

Drink of choice: Vodka Soda, lemon juice if available, always with a lemon.

Ideal vacation or favorite place you've traveled: Haiti times 1,000.  I vacationed in St. Thomas for my honeymoon and it was a dream come true, I would do that again in a second, but I hold Haiti near and dear because of the work that's being done there through an organization that I love.  Ideally, however, I'd love to see as much of this amazing incredible world as I can!  My travel bucket list is never ending...

Where else do you work or volunteer:  Currently work at my family's business (Real Estate and Appraisals), and I'm a stylist at William Jon Salon.  I recently volunteered for the Fashion Show for All Needs and it was one of the best things I've done in my life.  I also love volunteering at merch tables for shows, specifically, Mocha Club artist shows, another organization that I adore.

Favorite places to hang out in Madison: Mickey's, my parents have a dream come true place out on Lake Mendota.  Those are pretty much my top two.  For me it's more about the company.

If you could share one piece of fashion advice it would be:  Be true to you, and have fun with it.  Wear what makes YOU feel good, what makes you feel confident.  Don't let other people dictate how you dress.  Be wild, be funky, or be classic, clean and simple.  Just do YOU.  And always remember it's always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed! "

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