Monday, February 1, 2016

6 Ways to Cuff your Jeans

Whether you're trying to make a fashion statement or you need your jeans outta the way of your favorite shoes (or the snow) than look no further for a simple guide to the 6 essential cuffs you should master.

1. Neat and to the point.  Skinny cuff on skinny jeans
Perfect with sexy high shoes or an embellished pair of flats.  Either way, patent leather and gold!

2. Understated preppy cuff.  All around good guy of the bunch.
This is the easiest of them all.  Flats are ideal, especially a pointed flat

3. Bootcut wide cuff.  Or as we call it; updating your wide leg to look hip.
Make your bootcut look on-trend with a mid height heel in a ankle boot or adorable maryjane

4. Super wide cuff.  Take any `jean, any fit and cuff the shit out`of that bad boy.
A super wide cuff always looks good.  Always.  Especially with a patent leather maryjane.

5. Old school tight roll.  Seriously.  This cuff is flattering and is a total throwback.
Make it look modern with pointy flats or rounded pumps.  Totally tubular and trendy.

6. Boyfriend jean with sloppy cuff.  We saved the best (and trendiest) for last.
This is the #1 trend right now and demands to be worn with a statement pump.  Get going.

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