Tuesday, February 23, 2016

20 Must Haves

I'm often asked about the absolute key items to have in a wardrobe and I have a definitive answer. Below are the 20 must haves, and honestly you could throw out everything else in your closet and live off these 20 pieces alone.  Get out a pen and paper to take notes, then clean out your closet to whittle it down to these key components!  Bring in your cast-offs to Upshift.

1. Basic tank and tee in black and white

2. Basic layer tops in black and brown

3. Button up white crisp shirt

4. Layering cardigan in light weight weave

5. Sleeveless fashion top

6. Long sleeve fashion top

7. Chunky sweater

8. Little black dress

9. Black pencil skirt

10. Black skinny pants in denim or woven

11. Straight leg, medium wash jeans

12. Bright color skinny leg pants

13. Blazer in grey or black

14. Jeans jacket

15. Trench coat 

16. For summer a white cotton dress

17. For summer a maxi, hippy dress

18. Scarves for layering, about 2-3

19. Footwear; flats, pumps, ankle boot, knee boot

20. Handbag in neutral tones
Those are your 20 must haves and here are the add on that you should also have on hand.

Sunglasses in brown and black

Simple jewelry and wedding bands if applicable

One fashion necklace and one delicate necklace

A versatile belt 

That's it!  You can build your entire wardrobe with these key pieces!

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