Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Big Switch Over! Spring 2016

We get asked all the time how it works to switch over our inventory to a brand new season.  Where does our old inventory go?  Where does our new season come from?  When is the best time to swap for new clothes for spring?

Wonder no more you fabulous fashionista!

We take any season, any time of the year and back-stock all "off-season" items in a storage facility.  2 times a year we completely switch over our inventory to reflect the current season; Spring in March and Winter in October.  We also filter Summer items that are back-stocked in June and Holiday items in December.  Of course, we bring in new items daily that are placed directly into our boutique.

We will be taking everything out of our store this coming Sunday, March 13th and replacing it with all new spring items.  We take the old season and pack it up into bags to ship to a local thrift store, Agrace Hospice Care Thrift.  They keep everything local within the Madison community. After everything is packed up and gone we fill the empty hangers with spring! Monday morning we will have all brand new (to you) items!

The best time to swap is everyday!  We currently have great items for transitioning from winter to spring, as you know we may have warm weather today but chilly weather tomorrow.  It's best to keep a bunch of layering items in your closet to get you through until the really warm weather hits.  We have a TON of transitional items.

You can also just stop in to put items on hold until next week when we've switched to spring and do your swap then.  In my humble opinion your best time to swap is ALWAYS (but secretly I'd come in mid-week to hit up a totally organized store and all new spring items.  So, March 16th is that sweet spot).  Remember, we get in a shit ton of new items every single day!

See you on the flip side you beautiful, crazy, fashionista!

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