Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everyday fashion for everyday gals

Gals these days work more than just the 9-5 job and have an incredible amount of depth to their existance (think social life, second job, relationship, travel, etc).  It can be hard to balance it all and still be fashionable (and affordordable to be trendy) while maintaining sanity (hence the love of wine and vodka).  Ok, maybe I'm just talking about myslef here but really it boils down to this......

It's ok and even feels pretty good to carve out time just for yourself to look good (I use my eyelash curler every. single. day...just because it makes me feel pampered and takes two seconds....I even use it on days off just to look snazzy while sipping a bloody mary during brunch).  Alright, who has time for this type of crap, right?  Or the bigger question is, who has the cash for this.  Aha, (cue second-hand shopping) anyone can look good for next to nothing.  Throughout the coming days, weeks, month I'll feature amazing fashion that is all second-hand and works with any lifestyle. 
Bottom line.  Take time to look great (used clothing is an addiction) and feel awesome (wine will achieve this) all while manuevering your hectic life.

This message brought to you by your average overworked and slightly tired fashionista that still manages to carve out time for life's luxaries, oh yeah, and it's brought to you by UpShift Swap Shop here in Madison - www.up-shift.webs.com

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