Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viole Vino

Did you know we offer complimentary wine while you shop at UpShift?  Yep! Our clothing swap is really about the social experience...having fun while upgrading your wardrobe.

Clean out your closet (seriously, it needs it), load up all your gently used duds and bring them to UpShift.

We'll empty out your bag while you pour a glass of wine....then you're whole goal is to load up your bag with anything you want from the boutique (think super fashionable, gently used, amazing trends).

All this for only $20.  Not a goddamn dime more.  Items aren't individually priced, it's all about loading up your empty bag(s).  You can bring as much as you want!

Alright, so it's frickin' Franzia (we allow BYOB if you really hate the box stuff...seriously, a gal brought in a bottle last week). Franzia holds a special place in our hearts at UpShift.  Why?  Because it's like a bottomless glass of wine, and who couldn't use that?

Honestly I would rather shop sustainable clothing with a glass of wine in my hand any day than shop sober at the mall.  So there's that.

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