Monday, February 17, 2014

You can never be too fashionable or drink too much vodka.

My beliefs in many things change as I age or move to a new location....there are 2 things that never waver; my love for second hand fashion and booze.  They go hand-in-hand; live fashionably by looking amazing while wearing second hand clothes (see to see where I get all my clothes, hint: I own the swap shop so it makes life pretty easy) oh yeah, and I always accessorize with a martini or a glass of wine.
Psst...I teach during the day, run a boutique at night.  I vowed to drink a cocktail (or 3) throughout my entire xmas break..that was over 2 months ago and it seems legit to make this a daily ritual.  Turns out vodka (or wine) is a great accessory and dinner accompaniment.

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