Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Costumer for Field of Screams

There's a gem of a movie being shot here in Madison called Field of Screams, and it's the brainchild and passion project of Natalie Pohorski.  Her journey in making this movie struck a cord with me and I knew I had to help out by pulling together the costumes.  Her journey, like all creative endeavors, echoed my journey in creating Upshift.  It combined meticulous planning (knowing that it will likely stray from the plan) with a huge amount of faith that all the right people and resources will come together to make it all happen.  Here we are 3 days before shooting starts and it looks as though it's all going to happen.  Ironically, the shooting of this film is happening the same weekend as our 2 year anniversary at Upshift. It's perfect timing for a thriller to be shot, fall is ideal for shooting a baseball, zombie flick.  Without giving too much away let's talk about the costumes...

I agreed to help out the first weekend in August, which for personal reasons was a very difficult weekend (Dustin and I had a family funeral and also lost a beloved pet all while trying to rebound from the robbery at Upshift).  Meeting with Natalie and discussing my involvement was a much needed distraction and October 16th seemed eons away.  Well here it is and the costumes are finally coming together.

Wardrobing is a hurry-up-and-wait game.  It all depends on casting along with last minute script changes.  Everything solidified last week, so it was go-time for tracking down costumes that would make the cast come to life for this movie.  I had to take the vision of the director/producer and combine that with my own ideas of garments that would tell a story while supporting the cast in becoming the actual part they are playing.

I shopped a lot, and committed to mostly used clothing.  I wanted the garments to look worn in, realistic.  The cast includes a lead lady, man, two young boys, and eight baseball players (and possibly an ump).  The trickiest items to pull were the 8 identical baseball uniforms.  Try as I might I couldn't track down vintage baseball uniforms so we settled on ordering new ones from Amazon.  Below are images of each costume.  I'll update the blog to show images of the cast in the costumes once we start shooting, which takes place at night between 5pm and 2am.  Each night as we wrap up shooting I plan to snooze a bit and then party on down for our anniversary party at Upshift.
Lead female - Kay
Lead male - Max
Boy - Flynn

Boy - Casey
Baseball Ghouls

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