Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday Worthy Outfits

It's that time of year again...time to write a (way too long) letter to your loved ones with an attached photo that goes out in the mail on December 23rd with the hopes that it gets to the recipients by Christmas.  Well, those photos can either look like you took them with a selfie stick at a weird angle OR your holiday photo can look amazingly idyllic thanks to choosing the perfect outfit and the perfect photographer.  Our go-to photographer is Ashley Rostad of Blackwater Studios, she takes candid photos that reflect the season and make each person look spectacular.   Beyond that, you must pick a good outfit (cue Upshift).  Below are 4 easy outfits that will create a great holiday look for you and your family. 

1. Dressy Plush

This dressy outfit looks totally effortless because of all the texture; cable knit, shearling, faux fur, tweed, and wool.  The cowl neck sweater is cozy when layered under the shearling/fur coat and paired with tweed pants.  Top it all off with a wool, plaid scarf and high pumps.  This layered look is ideal for an outside shot.

2. Dressy Glitz

If you want a super dressy theme go with a full skirt in silk with a chiffon top, layered under a floral cardigan.  Wear open toe, strappy pumps with tights (not shown) and a silk scarf.  All are in soft pastels and grey which would be ideal for a holiday soiree in front of a fireplace.

3. Casual Cozy

The comfy, cozy holiday look is the go-to outfit for family portraits.  This outfit has all the key elements; flannel top, fur lined sweater, skinny cords, leather boots, and a knit cap (with little tiny reindeer).  The entire family can dress in this and look so amazing in a winter holiday shoot.

4. Casual Sleek

This is another casual outfit perfect for a holiday photo, but think of this as the polished version of casual.  It's denim-on-denim, which is a huge trend right now and has the added bonus that it's monochromatic and always looks super chic.  Add a chunky scarf and muted shoes to keep this look really sleek.

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