Thursday, November 19, 2015

Open Letter

This is an invitation to be part of something huge while getting weekly sustainable fashion.  We're seeking a female public figure; celebrity, reality star, famous blogger, comedienne, politician, television star, model, rock star, socialite, talk show host, newscaster, or self proclaimed celebrity. We aim to partner with someone that shares our values of sustainability, not your typical form of sustainability, but a proven sustainable method.  We will send a weekly package of clothing and you wear our clothes from Upshift Swap Shop and let people know where your amazing new trends come from.  All you have to do is hashtag #upshiftswapshop and tag us in any social media.  It's a win/win, you get free clothes and we garner a following all in the name of sustainability. We have professional stylists that choose items from our meticulously curated inventory of clothing.  We are a swap shop where women send in their gently used goods and we then custom-choose items from our inventory to ship back items to them, that if practiced for all consumable goods creates a sustainable market not ever practiced before.  Until now.

You, as a featured celebrity, would not have to send us clothing (unless you want to), we will ship to you a weekly selections of clothing and you wear it however you so choose.  The items would be custom picked to fit your lifestyle and body type.  Have your personal stylist send us your lifestyle and sizing information and we will ship out immediately (to a private and undisclosed address, of course). Email us at

Thank you and we look forward to sending amazing fashion your way!

Lindsay Leno
Upshift Swap Shop
836 East Johnson Street, Madison 53704

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