Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Loyal Customer

Below we feature a new and totally fabulous customer that I met last week at the boutique.  Her name is Ashley and we actually met because she reached out to see if we'd feature her handmade jewelry (and we are on November 22nd from 2-4pm, mark your calendar).  She just emailed this shot of some of the amazing items she got at the shop (along with a wonderful quote).  I wanted to share and let you all know you are more than welcome to send us pics to feature on this blog. We love getting images and feedback.  Send to our email and don't forget to share on social media, word of mouth helps us grow and get new, daily inventory through our swap system.

"Recycled everything.  This is what happens when you trade and shop locally.  These are all designer goods.  Friends who live in Madison, I urge you to check out Upshift.  This place feels like a well kept secret and I want to spread the love."

Thank you Ashley!

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