Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Amazing Business Partnership

We LOVE to partner with local businesses and artists.  This one is amazing because she's a loyal customer and friend.  Kerry is a hair stylist at Hybrid Salon of Madison, Wisconsin and is offering an amazing deal; come to Upshift and enter your name for a drawing to get a FREE haircut and style! Additionally, we are giving away FREE hair care samples and a $15 gift card for Hybrid Salons and Kerry's services.  Just stop in, throw a biz card or your name in the jar for the drawing and when you swap we'll toss the $15 gift card into your bag.  If you're keeping tabs that's $15 toward salon services that you receive when you do our $20 swap.  It's like you're paying $5 for our swap and getting free money to Hybrid!

Get in now while supplies last!  Enter your name at anytime to get your name in the drawing for a FREE salon service!

Get your name in the drawing today1 FREE haircut!
Swap and get a $15 gift card and hair care product from Hybrid

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