Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Amazing Customer

Below we feature Jamie Duckert and she is one of our fabulous customers! She holds a special place in our hearts not only because she shops here so often and commits to wearing so many of our amazing items, but she also spreads the word for us by posting images on her FB page and tells all her friends. She works in the Madison School District so I run into her beautiful, smiling face every once in a while and she's always excited to show her newest item (that she is usually wearing at the time).

On top of all this she has a phenomenal Facebook Page dedicated to Peace, Happiness, and Fitness. It's awesome to follow her journey and feel inspired on a daily basis (I can't stress enough what a cool chicky this lady is and how beautiful she is both inside and out!)  On top of all this she has a webpage dedicated to fitness.  This woman embodies everything that Upshift believes in; being your best you, spreading the love, being inspirational while inspiring other, and having a blast in life.

Thank you Jamie for being you and being such a wonderful person and making Uphift part of that beauty!

*Pssst, she didn't know we were gonna blog about her (I just asked if I could share the pic and she said sure, probably thinking it'd be on FB), oh, how we love featuring customers!  Send us pictures of your Upshift outfits and chances are you'll be on our Facebook Page or this blog!

Latest Upshift Outfit - Worn on January 6th. 2016

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