Friday, January 15, 2016

Unexpected Color Combos

We have just what you need to get you through this post holiday, pre spring season; unexpected color combos!  We ignore the old adage of not mixing Navy and Black or mixing Brown with Black, additionally we take it a step further and mix unexpected colors such as Plum and Mustard as well as Dusty Pink with Forrest Green.

Dig through your closet and pull out these color combos to give a little ooomph to your wardrobe in the coming weeks until we transition to spring.  If you don't have these color combos then come on down to the boutique or order online (specify specific colors in your survey), or better yet make up your own color combos (ahem, red and purple, possibly?).

Watch video for expert advice~

1. Screw rules, wear Navy with Black (especially when it's leather)

Leather pants (retro, high waist) with a vintage navy
coat looks even better with cobalt accents

2. Brown and black is chic when it involves wide-leg trousers
Brown tweed and black pair perfectly when
cream is added to the mix

3. Plum and Mustard (sounds like a solution to the game Clue)
This rich combo is balanced with grey denim
and pointy black flats

4. Dusty Pink and Forrest Green are so delightfully unexpected!
This structured dress is balanced perfectly with a flowy sweater
and *gasp* leopard flats!

5. Pink and red combo 
The key is to gradiate the colors from light to dark, pair
with dark denim and silver

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