Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fashion Show

Our most recent fashion show was at Winedown Bar here in Madison, Wisconsin and was sponsored by a collective partly founded by Upshift along with 4 other businesses and photography studio; Change Boutique, Evolve, Rethread, Serrv, and Blackwater Studios.  We are Ethos Madison Collective and our mission is spread awareness regarding sustainable, fair trade, second hand clothing, and eco friendly fashion.

The fashion show was our kick off event to bring awareness to our cause, below are some amazing pics to represent!

Ethos Madison Collective Business Partners
Left to Right; Rethread, Evolve, Upshift, Blackwater Studios, Serrv, Change

Amelia Modeling for Upshift - Blackwater Studios

Ashley modeling for Upshift - Jamie Strehlow Photography

Maya modeling for Upshift - Blackwater Studios

Ashley modeling for Upshift - Blackwater Studios

Lirio modeling for Upshift - Jamie Strehlow photography

Owner of Upshift with DJ and MC in back - Blackwater Studios


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