Monday, April 25, 2016

New Mural Storefront

Here at Upshift we choose to only do things that brings happiness and optimism (ahem, fashion and wine), which can be tricky when a car slams through your front store window.  Like champs we took a deep breath, a long swig of wine, and chose to find the good.  We reached out to the community to find an artist that could repaint our temporary storefront.  Stephanie Hagens, a local fashion illustrator, was the first to get back to us and have a concept ready in hours.

Storefront after car accident
This chica is nothing short of amazing, check out her art here and definitely check out how she has transformed our storefront. Once we get our new windows up, in about 2 weeks, we'll move the mural into the store as a permanent art installment.  She was able to take something bland and transform it to something phenomenal that oozes happiness and optimism.  We are so thankful we met her and that she could act fast (all in all from concept to design to mural she did it in 12 hours).

Come on down to our Madison boutique located at 836 East Johnson Street to swap up, sip wine, and see the mural in person!

Follow Stephanie Hagens on Instagram AND visit her webpage here.


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