Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Front Window

We have students from the Madison College Fashion Marketing Program that utilize our space as a learning environment for creating retail and visual displays. We were so excited for our new spring window created by Amy Lang.  She is not only a student of mine at the college, but also our dedicated volunteer that works every Wednesday!

She has been planning this window for weeks and wanted it to coincide with spring weather so that the garden theme would fit perfectly with our trends and the sunny spring weather!

She knocked it out of the park with perfectly coordinated mannequins and brightly colored flowers and even live plants to round out the garden theme!

We were so incredibly excited to show off her beautiful window displays, but sadly her window was (in a crazy twist of fate) ruined hours after she completed it.  A car drove through our front windows and literally ruined all her hard work. see full report on this link.

Thankfully we were able to appreciate it and take pictures before it was destroyed, but nothing will take back all her hard work and the business that will be lost after the accident.

As the owner I would like to personally apologize to Amy and her daughter that put in hours of work, time, and money.  I cannot tell you how sorry I am that this accident affected you and your hard work.

You've seen the before pictures, and here are the after pictures.  A very sad day for everyone.

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