Thursday, November 2, 2017

Style Showdown

I choose a style, my merchandiser chooses a style.  We show it to each other and talk about it.  You get to choose which one you like better.  We will do a drawing for a free swap with people that comment with why they chose either my style (Lindsay, the owner) or his style (James, our merchandiser).

Watch our segment here! (it's our first one, I promise it's hilarious, and will get better once we do more).  Suggestions on a name for this segment?  Hit us with a cool name!

The blue dress was chosen by me and a cream chiffon skirt was chosen by James and because he can't ever do anything by the books he styled it 3 different ways.   Here are our styles:

Lindsay's style pick (obviously the best one)

James' pick (the skirt) styled with lace top

James' same skirt styled with a Golden Girls type sweater

James' skirt with a edgy sweater


  1. THIS was just the laugh I needed today! It's a hard call, but I think Lindsay's was more wearable for an everywoman like me. I do love James' pig sweater with the mad sleeves!

    You should call the segment which one wins (with wine)

  2. Binn's outfit was more mainstream conservative. James was all over the place.

  3. Personally, I'm color shy so I have to go with James' skirt with lace top tho I love the edge factor of the black top as much!