Thursday, November 2, 2017

Yo, this is important Upshift news

We love that Facebook is a platform to reach our loyal customers, however you may not know this (or maybe you do), but FB algorithms are making it harder and harder for businesses to organically reach their customer.  In fact, they have gone from 90% organic reach 5 years ago to 1% in recent, present times.  So, basically we work hard to put out quality content and it. does. not. reach. our beloved customer.

We're going old school 2007 and dedicating our energy back into our blog (this site).  The content is not policed, it's free, and you get everything you bargained for with Upshift; irreverent and amazing fashion information.  Please please please subscribe to us on this platform and you'll get raw, amazing content! Promise.

We will continue to put content on Facebook, but here is where you'll get the real deal!

Go forth and be fabulous!

Lindsay and Upshift family

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