Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Out with the Old and In with the Better Looking Old

In this post we take what has been cast-off by the fashion world (it is fashion week and of course they're taking stock) and make it look new again.  Meaning you don't have to get rid of your favorite trends just because the fashion world says so, you get to hang onto it and make it look great...and wear it with zero shame, in fact, wear these trends with pride cause you look amazing!

(pssst, outtake video at the end of this post)

Patterned Leggings:
Recently there has a been a back lash to the idea of leggings as pants (and although there is a nugget of truth to this), there are appropriate ways to wear any style of leggings.  This idea certainly includes printed leggings.  We see people of all ages and professions wear leggings as pants, and most make it look great as long as this slim-fitting staple is balanced with a longer top and the appropriate shoe (think tall boot or spiffy flat).

Rounded Toe Shoes:
If the trend of finger nails is any indication, pointy is trending.  Rounded toe shoes are so stinking adorable that we say there is definitely room for this trend.  Wear it and wear it in a cute way and you'll still be trend-on.  Along with this trend we show a way to wear the high waist, crop top combo that is all over the celeb circuit.  Here is a pencil skirt paired with a boxy cropped jacket, keep this look tame with a button up top and of course little rounded pumps.

Animal Print:
This trend has been around for so long it's hard to think it will ever go away.  We don't think it will, at UpShift we see so many amazing silhouettes in animal print that it's almost become a classic. Also, the fashion world can get snobby so with this trend they're just picking on this sophisticated oldie but goodie.  Here we keep it  classic with cropp black bottoms and make sure to showcase the peplum because we think that's also a key trend (see below).

The peplum is a little flare added to the bottom of a top adding a feminine flair by creating a glasshour figure.  Apparently the fashion world gets sick of a new trend pretty quickly, this trend just hit mainstream and they're saying it's over.  We say it's still an important trend for this figure flattering top.  This one is a sweater which gives it more depth and we pair it with a skinny dark denim and a chambray button up.  Layers upon layers of gloriousness, the peplum is often portrayed as really dressy, but here we keep it nice and casual.  You should too.

Wedge lace-up shoe:
This trend just hit it's stride (*pun*) and so we know you aren't ready to part with your favorite casual/height inducing shoe.  Neither are we.  Keep this trend and keep it cute by pairing with skinny casual pants and a cutesy print top (this has palm trees...hello, spring) along with a slim fit little military coat.

Outtake video that didn't make the cut for final UpShift Short

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