Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Transitional Items for Spring 2015

We're about to hit that weird time of year where the weather and fashion don't sync up....and most importantly your brain plays a big role because it's saying, "I'm so over winter and ready for spring, but my office/communte/movie theater/house is still freezing cold but I sooooo want to start wearing spring clothes because the sun is FINALLY shining."  Ok, maybe your brain isn't saying all that but mine is and so I have this huge dilemma about what to wear during this transitional period.

Well, I'm here to help you take the guess work out of it all and tell you that there are 10 key items or styles that will help transition into warmer months (ahem, any day now *fingers tapping table*).

Here's a short 1:21 minute video (video not your thing, scroll down for still shots).

1. Cardigan
This one is an open front perfect for layering which can be easily taken off if you warm up.  Go with a great neutral such as grey, cream, or black.

2. Light weight sweater
It's all about layering your outfit between seasons, so going from winter to spring you need light weight pieces that feel springy, but keep you warm.

3. Fashion top
This means any top that strays from being basic.  We went with chiffon (for that airy feel) in animal print (so trend-on) and can be layered up (see a theme here?!). 

4. Printed Skinnies:
Bold denim in bright colors or a nice subtle print like this will put a bounce in your step and help you shake the winter blahs.  If it seems too risky for your taste be sure to tone it down with neutral layers on top. 

5. Bright Tones
I believe we can collectively as a whole decide winter is over by boycotting dull shades.  Let's put the power back into the people and start a revolution by ending winter by starting to wear bright, bold shades.  Ok, that got a little too preachy, but seriously it's proven that people feel better by wearing cheery shades.  Go dig out some neons or even rosie shades of bright pink and you'll inspire a spring vibe.

6. Bold Plaid
Gingham is the talk of spring, but for the sake of getting to warm weather wear any bright bold plaid. This staple is great for laying under a bold sweater (ahem, above) and adding a big bold necklace or scarf.  It's like you'll be strong-arming winter into giving up because you'll look so vibrant.

7. Florals
This piece is in a simple shape but is in a really bright print!  Watercolor floral is perfect for pre-spring and can obviously be layered over just about anything.  

8. Chiffon Dress Top
A light weight top in pastels is the ideal top for winter to spring.  This color works all through winter and definitely works for spring.  Obviously you know I'm going to mention layering.  It can layer under any sweater or blazer for a dressy vibe.  Button it all the way up and put on a bold necklace.

9. The Blazer
This piece is the miracle piece. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and layered up.  Any single item on the list can be mixed and matched with this blazer.  Seriously, scroll back up and you'll see what I'm talking about.  
10. Pencil Skirt
I'm not gonna lie, I put this on the list because it's fabulous.  It's a vintage 80's leather pencil skirt.  It's so classic it can be worn fall through spring and made to look professional or just cool and edgy. Any pencil skirt will work for this season, but take a moment and enjoy this fine piece.
Bonus: Footwear
Keep your boots for colder days and once the snow melts start rocking your heels again.  Once the sun is shining it's time to wear flats and show some ankle.  Warm weather calls for open-toe shoes and go perfect with any type of bottom.

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