Sunday, February 1, 2015

UpShift Outfit for the Day

I'm an instructor with the Madison College Fashion Marketing program (pssst - it's an amazing program).  We were asked to speak to high school students about career opportunities in the fashion industry.  I immediately jumped at the idea, not only because I believe in our program, but also because I love the energy of young students.  Beyond that I remember all too clearly being told by my high school counselor that I wasn't cut out for college.  Seriously, what kind of counselor says that to a student?  Mr. Schloar, you couldn't have been more wrong.  I went on to get a four-year degree in Fashion to then further my education (a.k.a., delayed adult life a bit longer) by working toward my teaching certification, ultimately achieving it here in Madison.  In part it was because my parents (lovely hippies that they are) supported my crazy dreams of going into the fashion industry.  Long story short, there are jobs...lots of jobs out there for all the fashionista dreamers out there.  Coincidentally, we offer the perfect venue to get duds for all your aspirations, and I'm not immune to the draw of wearing second hand, even for public speaking about something I love.  Fashion.

Today's outfit brought to you 100% by UpShift:

High waist trousers, strapless top over a button up, stud belt, linen blazer, scarf

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