Monday, February 9, 2015

This week's outfit - 2/8/15

Sunday, February 8th
First day of the outfit.  I wore it to the boutique to work 12-6pm.  It has my stamp of comfy approval, so yeah, it'll work for the week. I'll be wearing it everyday until Saturday. Reference my previous blog post for taking the One Week Challenge.

Monday, February 9th
I wore my weekly outfit today to teach.  It's basically a big drapey sweater that I dress up with a pin and my favorite scarf.  Cuffed straight leg jeans and boots.  I took it off this afternoon and laid it out for tomorrow.  I'm not afraid to switch up shoes or jewelry because that doesn't affect the laundry/water/time consumption of my whole one-outfit-per-week way of life.

What's it like to wear the same outfit each week?  Pretty simple, I lay out the outfit on Sunday (or if I"m having too much Sunday Funday then I pick it out on Monday morning).  I wear it each day, lay it out after work (maybe Febreeze it), and re-wear it each day of the week.  I switch up accessories, like a scarf or earrings, and sometimes if I'm lazy I wear leggings instead of the actual pants I originally picked.  Also, it makes it pretty simple when I only have to do a small handful of dirty laundry each week.  Literally, I did laundry today and it was just my workout clothes and my daily undergarments.  
I wore the outfit everyday last week, Sunday through Friday.  I do this each week because I own a limited amount of clothes that can all be mixed and matched to create hundreds of different outfits to accommodate any occasion. My closet is full of items that fit well and are in classic colors and simple silhouettes.  I own the basics and a few trendy items, which allows me to keep a simple, yet impactful wardrobe.  This would be incredibly expensive to do if it wasn't for our swapping system.

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